Dziram Eye Center

Dziram Eye Clinic- Glaucoma, Retina, Cataract and More
Dziram Eye Clinic strives to offer you high quality eye services for affordable fees, giving you an excellent solution to your eye problems! We currently offer the following eye health services;

1. Consultation and treatment of general eye diseases including screening for cataract and glaucoma
2. Cataract surgery - Phacoemulsification and Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS)
3. Glaucoma surgery- Trabeculectomy ( TET) using anti- metabolite Mitomycin C
4. Eyelid surgery for chalazion, entropion, injuries etc
5.  Surgery for all eye injuries and emergencies including corneal perforations, lid injury, acid and alkali burns etc.
6. Refraction and dispensing of frames and optical glasses
7. Biometry and A-scan of the eye prior to cataract surgery
8. Visual Fields Testing for Glaucoma
9. Dispensing of Eye Drops and other related medications
10. Screening for Diabetic, Sickle Cell and other Retinopathies
11. Screening and treatment for retinal diseases of all origins
12. Argon laser photocoagulation or treatment for diabetic, sickle cell and other proliferative retinal diseases
13. Vitreo-retinal surgery for retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage of different origins, diabetic retinopathy and sickle cell retinopathy
14. Retinal surgery for Macula holes, macula pucker etc.
15. Surgery for removal of silicon oil after previous retinal surgery

Service uniqueness

-We offer world class surgery for cataract, namely Phacoemulsification and Small Incision Cataract Surgery ( SICS). Phaecoemusification is the method used to remove cataract from the eye in advanced countries like U.S.A and Europe. With this method, the cataract does not need to mature or become white before it is operated. So long as your vision is impaired and you are not comfortable with the way you see the world or read and the eye doctor confirms it to be from cataract, you can be operated with this method to regain your vision. This method of surgery is especially good for professionals like lawyers, doctors, civil servants who need to read a lot etc.
SICS is the latest method of cataract surgery for matured cataracts. With this method, the incision to remove the cataract is smaller, does not require sutures or stitches  which cause a lot of irritation and discomfort after surgery and the wound heals faster. 
Both methods offer the best visual results for cataract surgery

- Glaucoma is the second leading cause of preventable blindness and probably the leading cause of irreversible blindness in Ghana. Reasons for these are late diagnosis, improper management of clients when diagnosed and lack of good surgical skills for glaucoma surgery. Dr. Charles Mensah Cofie has had surgical training for Glaucoma on the renowned ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital and at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India.

- Dr. Charles Mensah Cofie is also a Lay Pastor with Believers Loveworld Inc. a.k.a Christ Embassy and pastors one of it’s satellite churches. The pastoral anointing together with a highly motivated, God-fearing staff, who deliver excellent customer care and service makes the service at DECL unique.
Serious, round-the-clock routine follow-up on all patients after surgery is a service rare to find in Ghana currently.

Dziram Eye Center Introduces vitreo-retinal surgery from September 2012...