Dziram Eye Center


Most diseases of the eye can be treated with medicine (mainly eye drops) and do not warrant surgery.

These drops are however not very common to get in pharmacies in Accra. Moreover, there are a lot of fake drugs in circulation which unfortunately make eye diseases to become worse when they are used.
To prevent such occurrences and to make sure that our clients get the correct medications which are prescribed for them, Dziram Eye Clinic has Pharmacy which is well-stocked with most of the drops used to treat eye diseases.

As our main aim of having the pharmacy is to make eye drops and other medications related to eye health available to our clientele, our medications are very moderately priced and recommendable. Our Pharmacy assistant will help explain to you how to use the drops properly, their frequency and their side effects so that you are well informed about the effect of the medications on your eyes and sometimes your body.

Dziram Eye Center Introduces vitreo-retinal surgery from September 2012...