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Eye emergencies
The eye, they say, is the window to the soul! How true! In ancient Greece, and still now in medicine, a doctor will sometimes need to look into your eyes to tell what kind of sickness you have or how severe the sickness is!

Moreover, we can only enjoy the beautiful things God has created to the max if only we could see them well. The eye is also one of the organs of the body which cannot be transplanted and once damaged or blind, is gone forever!

That is why any injury or trauma to the eye should be taken very seriously and medical consultation sought for immediately.

-Eyelid Injury

The eyelid protects the eye from chemicals and other hazards of the environment and also makes the face look good. The tissues forming the eyelid are very fine. For example the skin of the eye lid is loosely attached to the undersurface and has a different texture compared to the skin of the rest of the body. Any injury to the eyelid must be repaired by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist. This is because the stitches or sutures used to repair eyelid injuries are finer than that used for the rest of the body and only the ophthalmologist is trained to use such sutures. If the eye is repaired with wrong stitches, it produces scars later on which apart from disfiguring the face, changes the orientation of the eye lashes. These eye lashes can then constantly rub on the surface of the eye, a condition called Entropium, causing irritation, tearing, ulceration and sometimes scarring which finally leads to a reduction of vision. Sometimes the eye lashes may point outwards, a condition called Ectropium, which leads to drying of the surface of the eye, which could also cause the same symptoms like Entropium.
Thus eyelid injuries should be repaired promptly by the ophthalmologist

-Chemical Burns
The front and glass-clear part of the eye, called cornea, is the first part of the eye which allows light to enter our eyes and make it possible for us to see. Acids and bases are very toxic to the cornea and can cause it to become hazy and permanently damaged within a short time if they get into contact with the eye. Car batteries and most chemicals contain acids while most chemicals used for cleaning, eg. bleach or cement are basic in nature. When such chemicals come into contact with the eye, they must be washed off immediately with running water until every chemical is washed off and the person should be sent to see the eye doctor immediately! This is because sometimes invisible substances or chemicals get lodged in the corners or fornices of the eye or get stuck within the cornea. If these are left in the eye for a few hours, they could cause permanent damage to the eye. Such chemicals can only be removed by the ophthalmologist or ophthalmic nurse on the slit lamp.

Please do not pad the eye after washing off the visible chemicals as this will increase the concentration of the chemical on the surface of the eye or rather press the invisible chemical on the cornea!

-Retinal Detachment
If anyone is diagnosed to have a retinal detachment, the person needs immediate surgery otherwise the eye will become permanently blind! This is because if the retina is detached, the photoreceptors die off slowly if the retina is not re-attached on time. Symptoms of early retinal detachment are seeing of floaters, shadows or curtains which try to block the vision. For more information on retinal detachment, click on retinal surgery on the left side of our home page.
Dziram Eye Clinic together with it’s partner clinic, Sight For Africa are the only eye clinics in Ghana offering services for retinal detachment surgery from September 2012.

Dziram Eye Center Introduces vitreo-retinal surgery from September 2012...





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