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Cataract is a disease of the eye which is associated with a white reflex behind the pupil as shown in the picture above. Cataract is what the Akans in Ghana call 'Ete'. The Germans call it 'grauer Starr' which literally translated means 'grey stare'. It denotes an old person looking at you with a white or grey eyes and implies a disease of old age!  Thus cataract is usually a disease which comes with age! 

From Fig.1, one sees when light enters the eye from the front to the back of the eye without any obstruction. As one grows older and begins to get grey hair, the lens in his eyes also begin to become grey and opaque and his vision begins to become cloudy because the lens now blocks or prevents some of the light from entering his eyes. The patient has glare, cannot drive well at night, begins to see shadows around lights and objects. The cloudiness increases until the patient becomes reversibly blind, when we say that the cataract is matured as shown in Fig.2.
THE ONLY TREATMENT FOR CATARACT WORLDWIDE IS SURGERY! Any treatment with drops or herbal preparations will only cause the eye to become irreversibly blind!
Cataract surgery at Dziram is usually done under local anaethesia. That means you will not be put to sleep. A small injection under the eye lid will cause the eye to become pain- free for the surgery. During the surgery, the cloudy lens will be removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens and one can begin to see immediately after the pad is removed the next day!

At Dziram, you do not need to wait for your cataract to mature as we also perform Phacoemulsification, the method of cataract extraction used in the U.S.A and Europe for early cataracts. With Phacoemulsification, an ultrasound probe is used to breakdown and suck out the immature lens from the eye, which is then replaced with an artificial lens.
For mature cataracts, we perform Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS). This is also the latest method of cataract extraction used in developing countries. This method uses a smaller incision (6mm instead of 13mm used by other methods) and no sutures or stitches are used for the surgery.  This prevents irritation, discomfort and tearing which patients usually experience when other methods are used which require stitching.
These two methods, Phacoemulsification - for immature cataracts and SICS - for mature cataracts, are the routine methods of surgery used at Dziram Eye Clinic.

Dziram Eye Center Introduces vitreo-retinal surgery from September 2012...





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