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The clinic is currently managed by the C.E.O, Dr. Charles Mensah Cofie, who is also the Ophthalmologist-in-charge and assisted by his wife, Mrs. Caroline Mueni Ngui-Cofie, who is the Executive Manager and also the ophthalmic nurse-in-charge. A Doctor in Optometry, Dr. Charity Bortey, is in charge of optometry and refraction. The clinic has other well-trained support staff including two opthalmic nurses. Other support staff include the receptionist, optician, clinical assistants and security personnel.

Information on Management Personnel

Dr Charles CofieDr Charles Mensah Cofie is a young and visionary ophthalmologist with specialist training in retina, glaucoma & cataract management and surgery.
As a result of his specialist training, he routinely performs retina surgeries for retina detachment and proliferative retinal diseases like sickle cell and diabetes. Retinal surgery is perhaps the most complex surgery of the eye requiring a lot of procedures, instrumentation and skill. Until recently, patients having retinal problems have to travel abroad for surgery or become blind. However because of his vision and passion to help eradicate unnecessary blindness, Dr. Cofie underwent training in retinal surgery in 2012 in Kenya and Germany and is currently the only ophthalmologist in Ghana performing vitreo-retinal surgery.

He also performs Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS), which is the latest method of cataract extraction in developing countries. SICS as a method of cataract extraction does not require stitches, which cause a lot of irritation and discomfort for patients post-operatively as in the common and widespread conventional Extra-Capsular Cataract Extraction (ECCE) method. The results of SICS are comparable in the long-term with the results of phacoemulsification, the method of cataract extraction in advanced countries. Only very few ophthalmologists in Ghana perform SICS.

For training in glaucoma surgery, Dr. Cofie was one of two ophthalmologists to acquire some surgical skills for an enhanced form of performing glaucoma surgery using releasable sutures with anti-metabolites such as Mitomycin C during an ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital training program in Accra in 2006. He also went for further training in glaucoma management at the world-renowned Aravind Hospital in Madurai, India, in 2011. With all the above training and skill acquisition, Dr. Cofie has fulfilled his dream of being able to manage excellently the three most common causes of blindness in Ghana, namely diseases of the retina, glaucoma and cataract.
Having completed general medical school in Germany in 1998, Dr. proceeded further to Kenya to complete his masters’ degree in ophthalmology to acquire skills needed for work in an African setup. He worked as the medical director of Emmanuel Eye Clinic, the biggest private eye clinic in Ghana, for 3 and a half years, to manage and upgrade it to it’s present enviable status. He also worked as an ophthalmologist at the 37 Military Hospital for 3 years before setting up Dziram Eye Clinic with his beautiful wife, Caroline Mueni Ngui-Cofie. Currently Dr. Cofie also works with Sight For Africa Eye Clinic, an NGO in Darkuman, Accra, where he is the medical director and ophthalmologist/surgeon-in-charge.

Mrs Caroline Ngui CofieCaroline Mueni Ngui-Cofie holds a diploma in Community Health Nursing, which includes hospital administration and management. Her administrative skills acquired during her training and the first few years of nursing, saw her manage excellently the eye ward of the first and biggest national referral Hospital of Kenya, the Kenyatta National Hospital, for almost 3 years. After completion of her Diploma in Community Health Nursing in 1999, she was employed directly as a Senior Nursing Officer in the eye ward of Kenyatta National Hospital. She sometimes doubled as the Nursing-Officer-in-Charge of the whole hospital.

Having worked in the eye ward and clinic since she graduated from Nursing School, she has a vast experience in management of common eye diseases and ocular emergencies. At Dziram Eye Clinic, she doubles as the Nurse-in-Charge and Executive Director. To function excellently as the Executive Director, she acquired a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Management Option) at the Valley View University, Accra,in 2013, finishing with first class honours. She underwent a retina training in Kenya in 2014. She is a lay pastor at Christ Embassy and also a member of the National Women Enterpreneural Challenge (NWEC).

Dziram Eye Center Introduces vitreo-retinal surgery from September 2012...





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